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Hi! I'm Jenny

I was fortunate to sail through over 30 years of life with ease. I was your typical

middle-aged mom and wife. 


My life took a turn when, after years of discomfort and hormonal issues, I approached my gynecologist about a strange new feeling in my pelvis. She sent me home, saying I was too young for ovarian cancer, and she suspected I had a prolapse she couldn't feel. Later, I landed in the ER during the height of the covid-19 pandemic. When they found a mass near my ovary, I was immediately scheduled for a radical hysterectomy.

Ovarian cancer was confirmed: stage 3b, high grade serous carcinoma. I guess it didn't ask my gynecologist for my age, after all.


Devastated and given little hope by my oncologist at the time, I began to document my journey through a blog. I also began to research anything that might tip the odds in my favor so I could beat this thing. I bought every book I could find on integrative and naturopathic cancer treatments and switched my care to an amazing clinic in Chicago- The Block Center for Integrative Cancer Treatment. With a lot of prayer and seeking God's will, I began treatment.

In February of 2021, I was declared NED with a complete response to chemo. However, as only cancer survivors can understand, my fight is far from over. Ovarian cancer has a very high rate of recurrence, so I'm still fighting this thing. 

This blog is a continuation of my cancer journey, as well as a place to document and share my research, but most importantly, this is a place to share the goodness of God with those who need it. (And hopefully, I can make you laugh, too!)

I am now a strong supporter of natural health, metabolic therapy, and integrative medicine. God willing, I dream of becoming a naturopath some day so I can pass on the help others have given me.

For now, this journey has taught me that my strengths lie in research, writing, and inspiring others, so that's what I'm here to do. If I am able to offer hope and the love of Christ to even one person, I will consider this a worthwhile endeavor. My prayer is that each of you reading this will be inspired and encouraged. May we all find health, happiness, and a faith deeper than we ever imagined.

Thanks for reading. ❤

Why Tenfiftytwo? 

Ten Fifty-two is a reference to Mark 10:52. You can read about why I chose this name here.

How did you handle chemo/surgery/integratives? 

Most of those questions can be found on my original blog, which I am (slowly) transferring from the MyLifeLine site. Those posts can be found here.

Can you give me medical advice?

The short answer is no. The long answer involves being skeert of getting sued or, you know, killing someone. 

I will ignore any messages asking for advice.

Please don't even ask. I will happily answer questions if I'm able about how specific drugs work in the body in general or explain options to people, but I cannot make recommendations for your specific situation. You truly need a good doctor, even if you are choosing to go the holistic route. If you want to know why that is, please go here.

I am really, REALLY not qualified.

I told myself that in 2022, I'd enroll in a naturopath program so I could give a little more help to people as far as supportive therapies go, but we're not quite there yet.

Why did you do chemo if you believe in all of this other stuff?

That's a complex question. I think most cancer patients grapple with treatment decisions. I touched on some of the emotional aspects to the decision in my original blog, but you can find the most direct answer to that here.

I don't get all of these terms!

No worries. Find a simple cancer glossary here. The list is ongoing, so I expect to add to it whenever questions pop up.

Can you recommend any resources to read?

You betcha! You want a booklist? I have a booklist right here.

I need financial help with treatment.

I did, too. Honestly? I still do some months, but by God's grace, we struggle through. I have put together a very scant list of tips for budgeting and some excellent resources here.

When do you plan on [insert ambitious life goal]?

Let's just see how long this NED status sticks first, okay? 


Please be advised: I am not a medical doctor. Any information on this site is intended for informational purposes only and is not meant to be a substitute for your doctor's advice. Nothing in this blog is intended as a treatment or medical advice. I cannot and will not answer medical questions. Please, for your health, consult with an integrative oncologist if you have questions about treatments mentioned on any part of this blog.


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